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Line 98

Game Details

Line 98 is remake of popular color lines puzzle game played by thousands of players online. Move balls around to form a line of at least 5 balls of the same color. Remove the balls of the same color twice or more to get a combo bonus and score even more points!Play it now at!

Line 98 is a popular online game played by thousands of players all over the world. The game is a remake of an old Color Lines game by Gamos. This version brings you minimalistic and slick design as well as ability to play it on your mobile! Just visit this page on your phone and enjoy it absolutely for free without download.

How to play

Game begins with a 9x9 board filled with 6 colorful balls(3 big and 3 small). Remove balls from the board by forming lines of balls of the same color. Prevent the balls from filling up the grid or else the game is over. Get the highest score as possible!

Tips & Strategies

  • Try to keep the board as clean as possible. Combos are cool and give you lots of points, however you risk to get the board flooded. So don't run for long lines of balls and remove them as soon as possible!
  • You can see what balls will appear next turn. Take it to your advantage and plan ahead.
  • There is no time limit, so feel free to take your time and think through your next move.
  • Diagonal lines count too!


Click/tap to select ball and its destination.


Original version of the color lines game was developed by russian company Gamos. This version, Line 98, was developed by Saymeow Games.


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