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Muddy Business

Game Details

Play Muddy Business - a tetris with a piggy twist! Muddy Business is a fun mix of tetris and Match 3 genres. Play it now at!Play it now at!

A Tetris with a piggy twist! This is how we can perfectly describe the Muddy Business! It’s a brick game that will take you to a series of fun yet surprisingly tricky levels. The goal is simple - earn a score by forming a row or a column of pigs in the given field.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to an empty grid and you just have to drag the pigs in the game field until you form a straight row or a column. Just like in Tetris, the pigs are grouped and formed in various patterns.

The challenge here is that you only have three available patterns at a time and you must consume them all before you get a new batch. If you can no longer make a move, the game will come to a quick end. You are also encouraged to reach certain amount of score to unlock new levels. With simple gameplay and visually stunning graphics, it’s impossible not to adore this puzzle game!


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